Bryan Pope bpope at
Tue Apr 25 12:54:27 CDT 2006

> On 4/24/06, woodelf <bfranchuk at> wrote:
> > Speaking of serial graphics protocols, does anyone on the list have a
> > device that supports NAPLPS ("nap-lips" - North American Presentation
> > Layer Protocol Syntax)?  <>
> Well, any computer that talked to Prodigy before it became "just
> another ISP" was a NAPLPS device.  Having lived with early (1200bps)
> web connectivity, I used to strongly wish NAPLPS (or some other vector
> drawing) capability had been built into Mosaic (or HTML for that
> matter).  Receiving large line drawings or block graphics as
> interlaced GIFs was painful.
	Was this in any way related to RIP graphics being used by 
some BBS's in the Amiga days?



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