Gooijen, Henk henk.gooijen at oce.com
Wed Apr 26 05:17:40 CDT 2006

  Hi Zane,

here is the updated zipped RL02 disk container.
It has Zemu 1.10 just released by Johnny.
I changed the hex fields into octal fields ...

You might first try the earlier sent zip, and then
this new one, to see a possible difference.
If you want a zip file with the original Zemu 1.10
release from Johnny (without my hex->octal adjustment)
just ask, and I'll zip it for you.

- Henk.

> Rats, I was afraid that PUTR was still the only way to do 
> this.  Can you email me a copy of zemu.dsk?  I don't 
> currently have a system setup that will run PUTR.  
> I can at least see if it will still build under RT-11 5.7.  
> While I was working on learning MACRO-11 a few years ago, 
> real life stepped in, so I doubt I can do much in the way of 
> fixing actual problems.
> 		Zane

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