anyone have a terminal server?

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Apr 27 12:58:23 CDT 2006

> Sorry, Tony, much as I'd like to repay you for all the contributions you've made,
> I don't think I can help very much.

Pity... Well, it didn't hurt to ask.

> No info on the old modular units at all, and the '86 price list & brochure I'm
> looking at doesn't mention any 10 port models either. I don't have any technical 

>From what I can see, the 10-port unit and the 16-port modular unit are 
pretty similar electroncially. 

> info in any case, just the Installation/Reference Manual and the Applications
> guide for the NC4, NC7, NC8 and NC16. The NC4 (4 serial) & 7 (4 serial, 3 par.)
> have configuration switches on the front, while the 8 & 16 are programmed from a 
> terminal.

Mine are certainly soft-configured. There are, IIRC, no internal DIP 
switches at all. And IIRC, sending it some control codes (it _MAY_ be 
^T^T) gets you some kind of prompt, from which you can configure the port 
setings, logcially conenct ports together, etc.

I've figured out enough to make the PSU brick for it (just a transformer 
+ fuses), and that sort of thing. I was wondering if there's anything 
that's not obvious...


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