Tektronix PEP301 mystery resolved

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Wed Apr 26 13:15:37 CDT 2006

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    "Joe R." <rigdonj at cfl.rr.com>  writes:

>    There's probably not much reason to talk to a 4041 unless you intend to
> use it. And the only thing that it's good for is a GPIB controller. These
> days it would be much simpler to just use a PC as a GPIB controller.  NI
> GPIB cards are easy to find, cheap, well documented and you can program
> them in Assembly, C, Fortran, BASIC and (I think) Pascal.

Yes, however, I have heard various amounts of success in using a PC
with an NI GPIB controller talking to the CBM 8050.  Apparently it
depends on the card/driver combination you use.  Some will work and
some won't.

>   In the HP's, it's OBVIOUS when they're bad!

Yeah, in my 2648A with the dead capstan its a puddle of goop under the
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