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Wed Apr 26 23:58:53 CDT 2006

I'll let you know as soon as I get to the box with the monitor in it.  So far I've concentrated on the box of doc and stuff.  I'll let you know what I find out about the software.  Until then, if interested, you can see the current doc list at
How many issues is a complete set of PEEK(65)?  I have a bunch here now and wonder how complete it is.
David Williams 

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From: Bill Sudbrink wh.sudbrink at verizon.net

Congratulations!  Curious about the monitor.  Was it a converted TV
by any chance?  If so, I'd be interested to know the make and model.
OSI showed converted TV sets as monitors in photos in several of their
ads and in drawings in their documentation but with no clear make or
model info.  I have a couple of OSIs that I acquired with converted
TVs as monitors but they don't match the ad photos so I'm trying to
figure out whether they are "original".

Also, if you need tips, hints, schematics, etc., I have two working
2Ps, the complete schematics and an almost complete set of PEEK65.
Finally, when you get the chance, I'd like to compare your software
list with mine and maybe get/supply copies to fill both collections.


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