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Thu Apr 27 01:06:17 CDT 2006

I must fess-up to the problem with the RT Zemu, as I wrote it...

Bein an RT developer, I usually used the latest and greatest version of 
RT which we had available.  At the time I worked on the RT modules for 
Zemu, V5.5 of RT was available, and SYSTEM.MLB was available with it.

I used it since it was the standard to use it for programs... I used it 
in everything I worked on, just as the rest of the development team did.

The problem is that it means the code cannot be assembled with a version 
of RT which doesn't have it.  That should NOT mean, however, that if one 
were to get a copy of it that it couldn't be used with an earlier 
version.  I certainly wouldn't try SYSTEM.MLB on a V4 system, but maybe 
V5 or later... V5.3 *should* work (we were using it internally even 
before it was released), but there are no guarantees.

SYSTEM.MLB isn't, however, some magical file -- it simple was what we 
used as a centralized library of macros which defined structures within 
RT-11.  If one were to go through the RT Zemu code, they could be 
derived with a little knowledge of RT.

I've had little time to even look into it for quite some time owing to 
work pressures...

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