American Automation emulators?

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Thu Apr 27 01:50:41 CDT 2006

Joe R. wrote:
> Jim,
>   Actually I'm just guessing that these are emulator boards. I'm not
> positive what they are.
>   I have several of these but ot the machine that they go into, just the
> pods and interface boards. The pods that are attached to interface boards
> with two ribbon cables. There's also a short ribbon cable that connects to
> the pod and to a DIP plug that looks like it's supposed to replace a CPU.
> The pods are in metal box about 10 x 7 inches square and slightly over an
> inch thick. The bottom over on the pod is hinged and you can open it up and
> see the emulator card. This card is marked 6800/02/08. The interface card
> is about 6 x 10 inches square and has female connectors that are made to
> fit over small male pins. I don't know the name of these connectors but it
> looks like the same connectors that used on the SS-50 computer cards.  I'll
> try to get some pictures tomorrow.

The box is the emulator pod.  The interface from the pod to the
emulator *card* (what you call the interface card) varies based
on the emulator itself (think of the pod and the emulator card
as a single assembly that is split to minimize the amount of
logic that needs to be out near the target system -- that the
emulator pod plugs into).

The interface from the emulator card to the rest of the "system"
is somewhat standardized.  I can dig up details of the connector
signals if necessary (though you really won't be able to *do*
much with that info as it is also "proprietary").

There is also often a ribbon cable on the "outside" edge of the
emulator card that ties in to the high speed memory card on
some emulators (IIRC).

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