American Automation emulators?

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Thu Apr 27 01:52:06 CDT 2006

Joe R. wrote:
> Jim,
>   I just did a Google search for American Automation EZ-pro and found ebay
> auction #7590626029. The pod shown in the picture there looks EXACTLY like
> mine including the slope front but mine doesn't have the CPU number on the

The CPU number is just some generic stick-on digits.

> box. So it looks like that's what I have. I'll get a more complete list of
> what I have tomorrow.  Thanks for the tip.
>   BTW when I searched for American Amutomation before I did find the link
> to Arium and I thought that might be what I was looking for but the link
> was dead!

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