"proto" Alpha? - Anyone know what this thing is?

Dave Dunfield dave06a at dunfield.com
Thu Apr 27 09:41:25 CDT 2006

There are three bar-coded stickers visible on the top of the board (I haven't
taken the board out to look on the bottom yet).

Two are on yellow backgrounds, and are located up near the power-supply:

   54-25002-01   B03



The remaining one is at the bottom, near the back of the ISA slots:


When powered up, the system reads:

(First a graphicsl screen appears showing a drawing of a PC with
 the logo "Alpha Powered")

Then, a "windowey" set of screens which read:

 AlphaBIOS 5.60-3

 AlphaPC  164LX
 Processor: Digital ALPHA 21164, 466Mhz

This is visible while it tests the memory (256M), and then it
goes to a menu from which I can go into various configuration

Can anyone tell me more information about this system.
The is evidence of SCSI, as there is a SCSI CD-drive, and
some of the configuration options reference SCSI, however
there is no SCSI controller - what type of controller do I need
for it?


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