ISO: SGI VW320 parts

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Thu Apr 27 11:41:36 CDT 2006

James Rice wrote:
> The memory shows up on ebay all the time.  Yes, you can use std slot 1

Search for "VW320"?  Or, is there some special name for the little
memory modules?

> processors with  100mhz bus speed.  A few people have been using
> Sloket boards with good results to adapt socket 370 flip chips to the
> 320.  Depending on the motherboard revision, you can run up to 1ghz
> cpu's.  You need to check on the two VRM modules to see if they are
> present.  They sell on ebay occasionally too.
> Setup and installation of  Win NT or Win2k is a bit tricky.  You have
> to set up a small FAT partition as the first partition to load the ARC
> loader into.  The Sgi320, does not have a BIOS but has a real Unix box
> style PROM monitor.  To spoof Windows into loading and booting, you
> load the ARC loader and then Windows boots within a Window of the ARC
> loader.  All necessary files are available on Sgi's website.  If you
> are going to load Win2k, you also need to select a special Sgi320 HAL
> at first boot of the installation disk.  When the Windows installer
> prompts you to "Press F6 to select a disk controller" press F5
> instead.  Then select the SgiMP HAL.  Once you have it running, it

I managed to get most of W2K installed on it last night.
Along with the SGI video and audio tools to take advantage
of those capabilities (motherboard and some weird little
digital audio card??).

I tried stuffing a 29160 in it (it appears the PCI is 3.3V only?)
but the box wouldn't get past the 29160's BIOS.  So, I pulled it
and will see if I can find another HA -- or, tinker with the
29160 later on.

Will I have any luck trying to find a disk cage for it?  Or,
should I just have something fabricated?  (I'd prefer not to
start drilling holes in things just to hack a disk into it)

> makes a remarkable fast and stable Windows box.  It's probably the
> only Windows box that I have ever had a BSOD on.

Is that a typo?  "I have EVER" or "I have NEVER"?


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