"proto" Alpha? - Anyone know what this thing is?

Doc Shipley doc at mdrconsult.com
Thu Apr 27 16:07:21 CDT 2006

Witchy wrote:
>>From what I remember the LX164 was supposed to be a screamin' NT
> workstation for CAD style apps.
>>From the OpenVMS FAQ:
> "                 OpenVMS Alpha is not supported on the AlphaPC 164LX and
>                    164SX series, though there are folks that have gotten
>                    certain of the LX series to load SRM and bootstrap
>                    OpenVMS. (The Aspen Durango II variant, specifically.)
>                    One problem has been generally reported: ATA (IDE)
>                    bootstraps will fail; SCSI storage and a SCSI CD-ROM
>                    device is required."

   Well, be that as it may, I've installed and run VMS v7.2 on my 164LX. 
  You need recent SMS, supported SCSI (or a QLogic 1040) and a supported 
video card.

   I've never run NT on mine.  Linux does pretty well; NetBSD and 
FreeBSD run better.


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