need info on an HP 8-bit scsi card

Chris M chrism3667 at
Sat Apr 29 12:48:23 CDT 2006

sure if you got it handy, send it over. Not sure the
thing will handle hard drives (although one responder
said he got it to, with modern s/w though). There are
other *8 bit* scsi cards of course. I just liked the
simplicity of this one. I'll bet there are scores of
NCR chips to be found still. I believe my Ampro little
board/186 (actually has a v40) uses something similar,
but in a different package.
 I was elated to find out that the SGI Indigo 2's use
the same 80 pin (SCA?) connector that these drives
have that I just bought. The sleds converts 50 pin
scsi to that though. Read somewhere that the I2's will
work with any type of scsi drive, as long as it isn't
HDV (High Differential Voltage). But could an old
8-bit scsi card (let's leave out the HP for now) work
with as many types of drives?

--- Chuck Guzis <cclist at> wrote:

> Chris M wrote:
> >has an NCR 53c400 chip, an als245, and not much
> else.
> >4 dip swiches, presumably (hopefully) for setting
> the
> >id. I have plans for this bad boy...
> I think you'll find those switches are for setting
> the I/O port and IRQ.
> This card pretty much matches the description of a
> Trantaor/Adaptec T130B
> (or AHA-130B) card, with the exception that the 130B
> also has a few more
> switches for setting the base address of the
> optional boot ROM.  I suspect
> that the drivers for same will work.  I've got the
> DOS driver if you need
> it.
> Cheers,
> Chuck

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