Lets play name that game; Who has a better memory than me?

JP Hindin jplist at kiwigeek.com
Sat Apr 29 18:12:59 CDT 2006

Answer: Darned near everyone.

I'm trying to locate a game I used to play on my cousin's computer back in
the early 90s. The game is most likely older than this, but I can't say
how much. (The only other games on this machine was Test Drive (#1) and
some horrendous ASCII golf game)

The game was a top-down dungeon style game (As in the location, rather
than D&D or Zork association). The game used ASCII characters to build out
the 'map' that you walked through using the arrow guys to guide your
character, if memory serves an *, running into monsters and treasure and
the like.
I -think- the dungeon view only took up a portion of the screen, perhaps
the right-half only, and your view was fairly limited to a "if you were in
the dungeon this would be the extent of your eye line" sort of thing.
Pretty nifty.

Does this sound famaliar to anyone? A name would be great, a link would be
disco, and source code would be fascinating.

Thanks all for your hive-mind;

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