Advice on SCSI CD-RW

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Sun Apr 30 15:39:01 CDT 2006

At 9:49 AM -0700 4/29/06, Don Y wrote:
>I'd avoided Plextor originally as a friend had one that was
>always "packing up".

I've got a 32x UW-SCSI drive in my DEC PWS 433au Alpha, a 8x SCSI 
Caddy drive in my PDP-11/73, and that 16x SCSI CD-RW drive sitting in 
a expansion box with an Exabyte 8500 8mm tape drive as a floater. 
All Plextors, all very good drives.

The only Optical drives I've ever had real issues with was my Pioneer 
2x DVD-RW drive (I even had to send it back on Warranty when some 
plastic piece inside broke), and my original 2x SCSI CD-R drive, it 
wanted to periodically be greased (the 2nd or 3rd time I replaced it 
with the 16x Plextor).


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