intel multibus ram documents needed

Joe R. rigdonj at
Tue Aug 1 15:27:36 CDT 2006


   Just off the top of my head I hink those are standard Intel MDS 2xx
boards. If they are I have docs for them. I'm in Oviedo. IIRC you're in


At 07:51 PM 7/27/06 -0400, you wrote:
>On Tuesday 25 July 2006 20:03, you wrote:
>> joseph c lang wrote:
>> >I have a couple of multibus RAM boards I'm looking for
>> >jumper info or schematics.
>> >
>> >There's not much on the boards to identify the model
>> >the first board:
>> >
>> >62KB dram board
>> >multibus 1
>> >16 bit data path
>> >the only marking (other than "INTEL") is PWA142779-006
>> >
>> >The second board:
>> >256KB dram board
>> >multibus 1
>> >16 bit data path
>> >the original marking was PWA143156-045
>> >this is struck out with black marker and
>> >the number 133292-002 is written over it.
>> >(this board may have been upgraded some time in its life)
>> >
>> >I suspect both boards were part of an Intel MDS.
>> >(there was an ICE in the pile that I wasn't able to save)
>> >
>> >joe lang
>> Any chance of some photos?  I may have some info on them.
>I don't have any place to put the pictures. However I found pictures of the 
>boards on
>I now know the 256K  board is isbc-056 and the 64K board is from the mds2XX 
>system and doesn't have a isbc number.
>So now my search is reduced to: Anyone have documents for them?

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