OT: <was springfield> <is data transfer via parallel port off old systems>

jim stephens jwstephens at msm.umr.edu
Wed Aug 2 14:24:38 CDT 2006

Chuck Guzis wrote:

>On 8/2/2006 at 11:32 AM Don Y wrote:
>>Unfortunately, you then need *one* box with hardware suitable
>>to capture the incoming bytestream (i.e. *not* an SPP).
>I know this is a vintage list, but at a minimum, PS/2-style bidirectional
>parallel ports have been around for a very long time, so this shouldn't be
>a problem.  Even if you had an old XT, printer and monochrome adapter cards
>can usually be modified to operate in bi-directional mode.
>After that, it's just the cable and a bit of software on the receiving
I have a "vintage" IBM PS/2 data migration facility box with appropriate 
dates, so it is
not too off topic.  Anyone out there with a recipe or howto pointer to 
do this with various
os varieties?  Say linux 2 linux, or linux to dos?

Also, I do not believe that the output to the printer port that Don 
suggested assumed the
protocol that the parallel port data coupler uses is available. 

To fork the thread, I would be interested in whether the SCO parallel 
drivers might
support the parallel port in such a way as to allow such coupling, 
(reads get data from
port that is).

Also what is required to do this simply or other wise on Linux 
(mentioned above).
Even better, is there a small program to do this to a dos box, that can 
be used
on dos / old windows boxes.

Laplink had cables for the serial port, I don't recall if it had a 
parallel version
that was reliable, as far as dos to dos data transfer.


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