Not classic, but free: HP-UX (and the B2000)

Steven N. Hirsch shirsch at
Wed Aug 2 17:01:33 CDT 2006

On Mon, 31 Jul 2006, Scott Quinn wrote:

> is your friend.
> Don't have anything that new; a C180 will run standard kbd/mouse and 
> perepherals just fine. What graphics do you have? HP jumped on the next 
> big thing, the EVC connector, really fast. I don't think anybody else 
> did. Finding an adaptor can be fun-. The newer FX5/FX10s I believe have 
> DVI, though.

The seller tells me that the B2000 has a "15-pin video card" installed, 
which sounds like the usual HD-15F connector.  

> The apps disk does appear to contain cc and cxx. Don't know if they have 
> fixed license policies in place or if you just are asked nicely to get a 
> license from HP. To do that, you either (a) get a commercial software 
> product for HP-UX developed or (b) you send them a check for about $900. 
> HP-UX does have all headers, so GCC is an option if you have cycles to 
> burn (don't even think of using anything less than GCC 3.3 - it seems 
> to, um, "pessimize" programs on RISC architectures) I'll play around 
> with the C180 and check out the apps- I have more disk space there 
> (wohoo! 6GB!)

Same deal as the SGI, then.  Not a big problem, I'm used to gcc/g++!


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