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Thu Aug 3 10:16:58 CDT 2006

At 9:13 AM +0000 8/3/06, Jules Richardson wrote:
>Jim Leonard wrote:
>>Chuck Guzis wrote:
>>>My own experience stretches back a bit further (I have socks that are older
>>>than you) and today's hardware is nothing short of miraculous in terms of
>>>cost and reliability.
>>I can see where the guy is coming from, though.  Modern hardware is 
>>very reliable
>Yes, but it's no *fun* ;-)

Actually when it comes to x86 hardware I find it to be the opposite, 
the old pre-PCI stuff is such a pain in the neck to deal with that 
it's no fun.  The newer hardware tends to fit together easier and be 
more reliable (well most things, anything mechanical is likely to be 


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