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William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Thu Aug 3 11:08:16 CDT 2006

> How much has the sales side changed? I mean, I suspect for a typical user just
> doing some word processing etc., a simple bitmapped display is fine - they
> don't *need* the high speed of a card that has a lot more features.

People, including me, want some sort of polish and shine to
applications. This is something that most hardcore computer people do
not understand. The polish and shine are the things that take up the
computing resources, and generally make using the machines a bit more

> Printers are a case in point too - a parallel port does that job just fine,
> yet it's hard to find a machine that doesn't have more complicated USB
> interfaces on it, and a printer's now expected to use that.

I suspect one reason for this (and a big one as well) is that a USB
printer is probably cheaper to make. Most of the cost is in the cable
and sockets, and clearly the USB stuff wins there.


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