HP Plotter Ink

Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Fri Aug 4 13:24:08 CDT 2006

This is probably a bit off-topic, but as it specifically deals with using
out-of-date supplies, I'm hoping no one will object and that people here
might have some ideas.

I've recently inherited a couple of plotter rooms with HP 1055CM and 5500PS
plotters.  These are the 36" to 42" variety, and the Ink cartridges and
Plotter Head/Cleaner packs tend to each cost as much as a home Inkjet

I spot checked the supplies earlier this week and discovered that with very
few exceptions most of it is out of date, with dates ranging from 2002
through 2006.  Does anyone have any idea how safe it is to use old Ink or
printhead/cleaner kits?  How about any guidelines for when the stuff is to
old.  Obviously this is not the sort of question I can get a good answer
from HP on, as they're going to simply want to sell me new supplies.

Unlike the home inkjets these do not seem to have any time-bombs built into
them where they stop working after the date is passed.


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