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Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Sat Aug 5 13:43:29 CDT 2006

Ray Arachelian wrote:
> Don Y wrote:
>>> Depends on the drive.  I've had modern 80GB, and 160GB drives die on me
>>> after only about a year of use (funny how they go just past the
>>> warranty!).  These were well taken care of drives.  Meanwhile I have
>>> several 5MB 5.25" full height Seagate drives for my Lisa that are nearly
>>> 25 years old - and they still work, though they sound like jet engines
>>> when I turn them on.
>> But how many *hours* do they have on them?
> One of them had quite a lot of hours.  I used it every day for at least
> 3-4 hours for about 2-3 years before upgrading from the Lisa running

So, a few *thousand* hours?  :>

> MacWorks to a Hackintosh IIcx (that's a Mac IIcx motherboard, which I
> hooked up inside a 286's hacked up case, with that 286's power supply &
> third party memory, hard drive, floppy, etc.).  :-)   Of the two modern
> drives, one of the 80GB drives was inside a machine that I rarely used -
> maybe I powered it on every other weekend or so.
>> I prefer SPARC LX's... they draw maybe *40* watts?  (though I
>> don't move much network traffic through them so I can live with
>> their reduced bandwidth)  Perhaps I'll replace the disk with
>> a solid state drive and cut that (and the noise) even more...
> I'd rather go with a Mac Mini - the original G4 one.  Runs at 80Watts
> and has a gig of RAM + 1.2GHz CPU. :-) more performance/watt there.  I
> do have a lovely sparcstation voyager which is similar to that LX, but
> with only 32M of RAM, I had to use CF flash cards in a PCMCIA<->CF
> cradle for swap.   Runs Solaris 2.6 just fine.

I put 64M in my Voyager but want to upgrade the 800M (?)
drive.  Unfortunately, small SCSI drives are hard to find.
And, the display on the Voyager is painfully small.

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