New to the list

Tony Duell ard at
Sat Aug 5 18:53:23 CDT 2006

> You think YOU are suprised? Well, if you were to have open up a system 
> to find the CPU in fragments, and between the fragments be a dust 

Do you mean the CPU chip, the PCB substrate, or what?


> a Arkanoid disk (duct tape over the floppy HD hole, anyone? Instant 800k 
> disk!)

Oh not _again_. There is a real difference between DD and HD disks. The 
coercivity of the media _is_ different. Sure, for 3.5" disks it's 
close, and may work in most cases, but none-the-less I am not going to 
risk my data that way... The cost of a the media is a lot less than my 
time in recreating said data (or even restoring it from a backup).


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