Radio Electronics Issues looking for a good home

Jim Brain brain at
Sun Aug 6 14:14:54 CDT 2006

Philip Pemberton wrote:
> Jim Brain wrote:
>> Pretty much 1985 to when they quit (2000)  There are some interesting 
>> computer and computer-related projects in them.  Either way, they're 
>> free for shipping to whomever wants.  If no one bites, they are 
>> hitting the recyling bin.
> How much to ship to the UK?
Probably a lot :-)  80# of mags is a lot to get across the pond.

The mags are spoken (and paid for), but thanks to the few that 
responded.  I'm glad to see they are going to a good home.

I've got some other old computer and electronics mags I'll offer up 
here, as soon as I get back from a business trip (some way old 
Infoworlds, Creative Computing, Popular Electronics, MicroComputer 
Journal, etc.)  Mainly, I just want to see them go to good homes.


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