vintage HP-87 system with additional equipment

Vassilis PREVELAKIS vp at
Sun Aug 6 19:17:12 CDT 2006

david page <daspage at> wrote:

> [...]is there a website to find out possible market value and maybe
> a buyer? This is what I had acquired: 
> Hewlett Packard- HP-87
> [... series 80 stuff ...]

I'd say eBay is your best bet. Search for completed auctions which
will give you the closing prices. You have to decide whether you want
sell the whole thing as one item or separately. The all-in-one will 
likely fetch less than the items sold separately, but you will save
a lot of time (setting up the auctions, dealing with buyers, packaging
the stuff, etc.) , plus you will not have any leftover stuff.

For more info  on the HP-87 and other HP Series 80 computers check: 	Series 80 manuals, programs, HOWTOs etc.	Australian HP Computer Museum	Museum of HP calculators


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