Sparcstation LX troubleshooting

Golan Klinger gklinger at
Mon Aug 7 17:49:09 CDT 2006

Don wrote:

> And, you can squeeze 96M into the LX (haven't tried that trick
> with the Classic -- yet)

While the advertised maximum amount of RAM is 96MB (6 x 16MB modules)
you can in fact install 128MB of RAM into a Sparc LX. Two of the six
slots will recognize 32MB modules (2 x 32MB + 4 x 16MB = 128MB) which
is double the capacity of the IPC and IPX although, as noted by
others, the IPC and IPX support the 64MB SBUS card originally intended
for the Sparc 1, 1+ and 2.

I can also confirm that the Classic has an on-board CG3 and the LX has
an on-board CG6. The former is almost unusable and the latter is
relatively decent, albeit only at 8 bits per pixel.

I've got the world's most 'pimped out' (I think that's the phrase the
teenagers are using) LX system gathering dust in my basement. I just
don't have the heart to junk it and I can't find anyone that would put
it to good use. (If that sounds like you, email me. I'm in Toronto
BTW.) I've also got a RasterFlex/HR (24 bit accelerated SBUS
framebuffer) with 8MB of on-board RAM if anyone is interested.
Manufacturer supported drivers up to Solaris 2.51 (if memory serves)
although I think it works with 2.6 and perhaps beyond. It has been a
long time since I've used it. I do remember that it's fast as heck
compared to Sun's anemic framebuffers.

Ah, the memories...

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