RA81 boards available

b m pdp11owner at gmail.com
Mon Aug 7 17:52:26 CDT 2006


I am cleaning out some items from my 'treasures' (as my wife calls them!).
I have 3 boards available, without cables, which were originally from an
RA81 circa 1987.  I have no way of testing them and I am offering them as-is
where-is, etc.

I want the boards to go to someone who needs the boards to get an RA81 back
to a running state, or, to an established member of the list who can be
entrusted with the boards for restoring an RA81 (Sellem?)

The boards are located in a little town very near Calgary Alberta Canada.

I can arrange for shipping if required.  Shipping costs will be required in

Board 1:
              HDA PCB4
              5015287B      5415288

Board 2:
               5015246-00-C1-P2         5415247

Board 3:
               5415251       5015250-00-C1-P2
               RA81 SERVO CONTROL
               KA865446004 1/0 A 24MAR87
               70-19045-01   8654460004

Board 2 has all socketed chips removed.  Boards 1 & 3 look to be complete.

 If someone has a copy of OpenVMS for an Alpha 300XL, I would be
interested.  I am in the process of applying for a DECUS membership and then
a license PAK.  I do not have any media.  :-(


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