"misload" error on JB

Don THX1138 at dakotacom.net
Mon Aug 7 18:23:51 CDT 2006

Zane H. Healy wrote:
>> Problem appears to just have been media not "seated" well
>> enough for the picker to grab it.  I'm running the picker
>> diagnostics now which exercises the load/eject/move
>> capabilities of the picker as well as the drives.
>> If that fares well, I'll just assume something got "disturbed"
>> when I was moving the box around...
> Hopefully that is all it is, the more likely culprit on the Jukeboxes I'm
> familiar with is the robotics controller.  Do you have a "Calibrate All"
> type of option?  If so I'd recommend running it.

Ah, OK.  I should probably just run through all of the diagnostics
for that "warm and fuzzy"...

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