Tape Drive & Tape Archival questions...

Josh Dersch derschjo at msu.edu
Mon Aug 7 19:14:47 CDT 2006

Thanks! I'll give those suggestions a shot sometime in the near future.


Tony Duell wrote:
>> For taking care of #1, as far as I can tell the drive works except for a 
>> rubber wheel that's turned to this lovely gooey tar.  I don't 
>> necessarily _need_ to fix the drive, since I have a compatible 
>> replacement, but I'd like to keep the system as original as possible so 
>> if it's possible to fix without too much work I'd like to do that.  The 
>> tape drive in question is an Archive 5945S-1.  Anyone have any idea how 
>> feasible it is to find a replacement wheel for this drive?  Any good 
>> places to look that you'd recommend?
> I've not had to do that drive yet (although I have a few of them, and 
> related units, that will need doing soon). But the normal tricks for 
> rollers that have turned to good are to :
> 1) Use silicone rubber tubing over the original hub. Maybe scrape it down 
> to the right dfameter if necessary
> 2) Several layers of heatshrink sleeving over the original hub. I've 
> never had any success with this method, others claim to use it
> 3) Silicone rubber O-rings in grooves machined in the original or a 
> replacement hub. I use this with great success on HP caculator card 
> readers (including the desktop models)
> -tony

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