Available: Procom CDT14-T8X-ETP

Blair Miller miller.blair at gmail.com
Mon Aug 7 20:49:21 CDT 2006


Figured I'd repost this with a bit more information, in case someone 
missed it, or one of the new members is interested.

I've got a Procom CDT14-T8X-ETP networked CD-ROM tower, in pristine
working condition, that I've no use for. It has 14 8x SCSI CD-ROM drives 
that are interfaced through a single twisted pair network card. It 
measures roughly 15" wide X 20" deep X 17" high and weighs roughly 40-50 
pounds. Finally, according to the manual, it'll run under Windows NT or 
Netware (thus far, I've found no way of getting it running under Linux, 
or I'd think about using it to host music CD's via a Slim Devices 
Squeezebox or something similar).

Not exactly *classic*, but old enough that it's -- as far as I can tell 
-- not worth selling on eBay. I thought the case, which is up on 
casters, would be cool for a project of some sort, but I honestly can't 
think of anything to do with it.

If anyone's interested, they're welcome to it. First come, first serve 
-- just email me (miller.blair at gmail.com) saying that you want it and 
when you'll be able to pick it up (I live in Vermontville, MI). Comes 
with the CD-ROM tower itself, all 14 8X SCSI CD-ROM drives, manual, 
software, and even the key for the doors. You'll just need to supply two 
standard power cords. The case has no dents, dings, scratches -- just a 
couple of very minor scuff marks.

If need be, I also might be willing to drop it off...


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