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Tue Aug 8 10:56:41 CDT 2006

>Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2006 21:30:08 -0700
>From: Don <THX1138 at>

>I have an "Apple Adjustable Keyboard" -- a wacky keyboard
>that splits in the center ("ergonomic"?) and has an
>auxillary "function/numeric" keyboard that sits alongside
>it (sheesh!  What a wacky arrangement -- how to use up the
>most desktop space with the least added functionality!  :<  )
>Needless to say, I am not happy with it.  What should I
>be looking for as an alternative?

If you're using it with your Q840AV, then you need an ADB keyboard. 
Many folks believe that the best were the Apple Extended Keyboard II. 
These are generally easy to find at thrift shops/Goodwill and such 
for $10 - $15.  They originally retailed for well over $100.  I 
imagine that there are (or were) thousands or tens of thousands of 
them sitting at recyclers waiting to be crushed--and they're just 
full of keyswitches.

If you're really lucky, you might find a NeXT Model N8001 keyboard. 
Some NeXT machines used an ADB keyboard.  The N8001 has a compact 
size (no F keys) and the Command key is a long bar below the 
spacebar, which I find very convenient--though it sort of ruins me 
for other keyboards.  And a completely superficial feature that 
pleases me disproportionately, it's a nice pure black, except for the 
green 'Power' button.   Unfortunately, it's a membrane keyboard, so 
you may not like the feel.  For a nice clackety clack feel, stick 
with the Extended Keyboard II.

BTW, if you need a bunch of Mac specific help you may wish to check 
out the Vintage Macs email group sponsored by   I'd 
point you at the comp.sys.mac.* hierarchy, but the newsgroups just 
aren't what they used to be, sigh.

I really like newsreader clients *a lot* better than email clients or 
web based fora.   Sigh again.   Trolls recently drove the signal 
portion of the S/N ratio off of the rec.aquaria hierarchy and onto 
Google groups and reading fora on a web browser is painful.   It only 
shows me 30 thread titles at a time.   I have to load a new page 
rather than simply scrolling to see the rest of the thread titles. 
Everything opens in the same window, instead of a separate window for 
each message that I open.   Newswatcher (or maybe TIN) was the peak 
of forum/newsgroup browsing ease.

Jeff Walther

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