token ring fiber transciever

Alexey Toptygin alexeyt at
Tue Aug 8 15:49:18 CDT 2006

I've got an ODS 836 DB-9 to fiber token ring transciever. I don't know if 
it works since I've only got one, no power supply for it, and no fiber.
It takes a 12V DC power supply, 2 female pin sockets side by side in an 
~5mm round male insulator all inside a ~8mm round recess, apparently held 
in by friction alone (I have never seen this kind of connector elsewhere). 
It's in a 5" x 2" x .75" possibly watertight machined steel housing 
(there's a rubber gasket between the 2 halves). If anyone wants it, it's 
free to a good home. I'm in College Park, MD 20740.


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