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Mike kenziem at sympatico.ca
Thu Aug 10 19:19:51 CDT 2006

I thought I'd share this link,  

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A year or so ago, I swapped e-mails with a fellow in Germany who has a
Honeywell H316 minicomputer. I had mentioned on alt.folklore.computers (AFC)
that I had used these machines and he contacted me. A couple of days ago on
AFC he pointed out that there is an H316 on eBay,


(hope that URL works - I cut and pasted; or you could just search for H316

Anyway, I had a look and it is indeed the ones I used while I was at a
research lab in Halifax. Two things told me it was the same machine: first
was the accessory drawer (rack mount equipment) with some large connectors
and analogue to digital input connections (listed as A/D converter on eBay
page). Second was a wooden box (Hardware lot #4) with a complete set of
spare CPU boards. I can't believe anyone else would make an ugly wooden box
like that. We has massive spares because the system went to sea and if it
went down you had to fix it.

The system is in a small town near Halifax. No way I have the room to store
the H316 nor could I justify paying to have it shipped to Ottawa. I did save
copies of the pictures, something I never had. Anyway, seeing that sure
brought back some memories. Sigh!

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