HP 1000 double integer instructions info

Holger Veit holger.veit at iais.fraunhofer.de
Fri Aug 11 04:02:43 CDT 2006

J. David Bryan schrieb:
> I'm working on adding double integer (32-bit) instructions to the HP 1000 
> simulator under SIMH.  The 1000 F-Series computer came standard with these 
> instructions, and I have documentation on the opcodes used.  The E-Series 
> did not have them, but there was a "specials group" product -- HP number 
> 93585A -- that added firmware support for these instructions.  However, the 
> opcodes were different from the F-Series opcodes to avoid conflict with 
> other E-Series microcode options.
> Does anyone have information on the opcodes used in the 93585A product?
There is an opcode list in the appendix of the MACRO-1000 assembler 
manual. This manual is donloadable from the RTE section at HP.

Holger Veit

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