HP 1000 double integer instructions info

J. David Bryan jdbryan at acm.org
Fri Aug 11 10:08:46 CDT 2006

On 11 Aug 2006 at 11:02, Holger Veit wrote:

> There is an opcode list in the appendix of the MACRO-1000 assembler
> manual. 

I hadn't thought to look there.  Thanks!

Appendix C, "HP 1000 Computer Instruction Set," lists the double integer 
instructions for the E-Series as in the range 105320-105337, which are the 
opcodes for the SIS firmware on the F-Series.  Seems reasonable.

However, the first page of that appendix states, "Special or custom 
firmware (for example, double integer and third-party firmware) is not 
included in table C-1."  So I'm unsure of the origin of those opcodes.

The reference to the "specials" product 93585A came in a "Real-Time 
Interface" (an Interex publication) article from January 1994, written by 
Esther Heller and Don Pottenger of HP DSD.  The date of the MACRO/1000 
manual is December 1992.  So I guess that the manual is giving the opcodes 
of the 93585A microcode, even though it states that it isn't.

If anyone has any corroborating evidence, perhaps from an old HP buying 
guide, I'd feel more confident.

                                      -- Dave

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