SMT techniques (was Re: group buy for homebrew CPUs?)

vrs vrs at
Sat Aug 12 11:51:41 CDT 2006

From: "Brad Parker" <brad at>
> "Ethan Dicks" wrote:
> >I _have_ thought about that for replacement -8/L and -8/i boards -
> Just curious, are there any machine readable schematics or netlists
> for the 8/I?

Not that I am aware of.  (I thought of creating one, but so far haven't 
convinced myself to do it.)

> (from my primative understanding an 8/i was made from a few different
> flip chips and a *lot* of backplane wirewrap - just wondering if that's
> machine readable anywhere)

If it were, it would make the job of replacing all that wire-wrap with 
a PCB tractable.  It would also make it a lot easier to do things like 
make an 8/i in an FPGA :-).


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