group buy for homebrew CPUs?

Don THX1138 at
Sat Aug 12 11:59:40 CDT 2006

Dave McGuire wrote:
> der Mouse wrote:
>> This sounds as though you're talking strictly about soldering them to a
>> printed-circuit board.  If so, that's a lose right there, compared to
>> DIPs, if you can't connect to them (without equipment prohibitively
>> expensive for hobbyist use) except via a PCB.
>   Well that's pretty much a given...there's really no other way to do 
> that.  If you have a chip that's only available in SMT, there are 
> SMT<->through hole adapters that you can solder the chip to and then 
> plug the whole thing into a breadboard or wire-wrap socket, but aside 
> from that, yes, you do need a PCB.
>   Quick-turn PCB houses are super cheap these days, though, and good 
> software has been available for free for some time now.
>   As I've said a few times, things are *different*...trying to treat it 
> like "a smaller version of through-hole construction" will not work.

We'll be interested to see how your opinion changes when your
eyes get 10 year older!  ;-)

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