SMT techniques (was Re: group buy for homebrew CPUs?)

woodelf bfranchuk at
Sat Aug 12 15:29:31 CDT 2006

Don wrote:

>>   Huh?  I don't think so, at least not for me.  I'm totally in love 
>> with my SBC6120, which is at least a move in that direction.  I can 
>> run it 24/7 and just have it available on a serial port which I can 
>> get to when I'm not home, for some OS/8 hacking when I get the itch.

> But, you can make the move all the way "in that direction"
> and just run an emulator.  :>  I.e. the appeal is having
> the actual hardware.  And, while PDP's are reasonably
> commonplace, having a *tiny* one (imagine a 10x10x10 8/i
> sitting on your COFFEE TABLE  :> ) would be truly unique.

The SBC1620 is tiny -- the PCB is 6" x 4 1/4". My problem is
all I got is Pee-cee parts like a power supply and case.
That is the parts that are harder to find here.

>>   That said, though, it'll never replace my "real" -8 machines.  I 
>> have several 8/e and one 8/m system, sadly no others...anybody got one 
>> (8/i, 8/l maybe) that might be up for trade?

Boy that shows our age ... PDP-8's are modern machines still. :)
Well at least you know what speed the machine ran at, with todays
marketing double talk and bloatware who knows what they run at.
Anybody got a DEAD 8 I stuff my SBC1620 in Canada?

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