Asynch designs

Don THX1138 at
Sat Aug 12 18:49:29 CDT 2006

Scott Quinn wrote:
>> Supposedly, non-clocked logic can also offer greater security because 
>> there's no clock signal for remote sensors to key on when trying to 
>> sense what the CPU is doing.   This seemed a little odd to me.  Do 
>> espionage types really try to sense what a processor is doing 
>> remotely, based on the EM emissions from the chip?
> Don't know about processors, but Tempest had a proof of concept for intercepting I/O from kbd/video.
> (Anyone else remember Tempest? for a while they were selling big "tinfoil hat" type shields for monitors and then, suddenly,
> it went away.) Was that NSA that came up with the POC? 
> P.S. - for the U.S. types - never would have thought it 15 years ago, but NSA now has official mousepads you can buy.

I think the *monitor* is the biggest (and easiest) "leak" to tap.
IIRC, in the UK they have mobile units that wander around trying
to see how many televisions each home has (?)

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