group buy for homebrew CPUs?

Dave McGuire mcguire at
Sun Aug 13 09:04:30 CDT 2006

On Aug 12, 2006, at 4:48 PM, der Mouse wrote:
>>> This sounds as though you're talking strictly about soldering them
>>> to a printed-circuit board.  If so, that's a lose right there,
>>> compared to DIPs, if you can't connect to them (without equipment
>>> prohibitively expensive for hobbyist use) except via a PCB.
>> Well that's pretty much a given...there's really no other way to do
>> that.  [...]
> So, there's a fairly clear way in which surface-mount is harder to work
> with than DIPs: you can't breadboard the things, and doing flying leads
> is (at best) a good deal harder.
>> Quick-turn PCB houses are super cheap these days, though,
> Hm?  So moving to SMT means that instead of buying a $1.19 part to
> breadboard a circuit with, I instead can buy a $0.89 part and throw
> $12.99 at the minimum order for a PCB so I can connect to it.
> Remind me again how surface mount is better?
> Oh, okay, let's say I can bundle ten chips' PCBs into that order.  So I
> have $0.89+$1.299.  This is still a dollar more than the $1.19 DIP.

   Ok, you don't like surface mount technology.  I get the point.

>> As I've said a few times, things are *different*...trying to treat it
>> like "a smaller version of through-hole construction" will not work.
> Different...and harder, it appears, since at a minimum you need less
> common (and more expensive) tools,

   Less common in the workshops of people who do nothing but 
through-hole assembly perhaps.

>  and that's if you're doing a
> finished design and just trying to assemble the thing.  If you're
> breadboarding, even your parts are more expensive, since you have to
> add the piggyback carrier to the part cost.

   As I said's clear you don't like surface mount technology, 
and you're going to PICK PICK PICK at any positive thing anyone says 
about it, totally ignoring statements from people who actually have 
real-world experience with it.  That sure is a nice attitude.

   Now I remember why I left this list a few years ago.


Dave McGuire
Cape Coral, FL

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