Don THX1138 at dakotacom.net
Sun Aug 13 13:08:11 CDT 2006

Rob O'Donnell wrote:
> At 23:48 12/08/2006, Don wrote:
>> Does anyone make a *truly* universal KVM (i.e. so that
>> I can mix and match all of these flavors)?  And, how
>> outrageously priced is it?
> Lindy do one that on the face of it gets somewhere closer than most to 
> what you want:
> http://www.lindy.com/uk/productfolder/03/32/32251/index.php
> It's not particularly clear what the connections are, but there is a 
> manual to download, and their technical support is usually pretty good 
> if that doesn't help.

It still appears PC-centric -- with minor allowances for Sun
(e.g., no ADB support, relies on 13W3 adapters, expects your
shared monitor to be HD15, no serial mice, etc.)  :-(

> Price is indeed outrageous (£375 retail, ~$700, plus cables ..) but if 
> you can find someone with a trade account it will be somewhat less..

Ouch!  And, no doubt those "proprietary" cables aren't cheap! :<


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