Computers and heat density

Don THX1138 at
Sun Aug 13 13:31:59 CDT 2006

woodelf wrote:
> Don wrote:
>> sheepish grin as I recall that when I installed the PBX I
>> wired *both* bathrooms -- for phone, CAT5 *and* CATV!  :>
> I still like *books* better for the throne.

<grin>  When I ran the wires, I figured easier to be
*consistent* than to want the wires *later*!  :>
I also added a second set of telco wires in each
and provisions for a pullchain activated switch
(THINK: "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up" commercial)

> Note the real heat problem for new machines
> is the Cache memory -- the CPU still runs faster.

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