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Teo Zenios wrote:
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>> Don said
>>> Amusing to think someone will spend $125+/node
>>> just to live WITHOUT a keyboard!  :-(
>> Somewhat disappointing, too. The way you run servers without keyboards is
> using a serial terminal plugged into a multiplexer.
>> Clean, and substantially less pricy. No Wizards or other excuses, though -
> you have to know your stuff for that.
> Do you people realy spend $1000 for a multi system KVM for home use?

Of course not!  That was the point -- $125/node (assuming an
8 port switch) is ridiculous "just to get rid of a keyboard".

> I have 5 KVM's in use here (1 Belkin SOHO 4 port PS2/USB/Audio, 2 x Belkin
> Omnivew 4 port PS/2 +Serial (one is a slave of the other for 8 ports), 1

I just repaired an Omniview Pro 8 to use in my office.
(it was a freebie)  But, it really only serves as a
video switch -- and even then, it's a bit of a kludge.
Can't run the ADB keyboard/mouse for the two Macs through it.
Have to use HD15 adapters for the Mac video outs.
The SGI VW320's USB keyboard mouse won't go through it
(without USB->PS2 dongles).  I'm *hoping* the IRIX's
video *will* (via a suitable connector mangling).  The
Sun keyboard/mouse won't.  But, thankfully, the U10's video
(13W3) can go directly to the GDM500 and I can use the
video switch on the monitor to select sources.

I.e. I still have to keep a bunch of keyboards/mice piled
on top of machines instead of just hitting a button on a
KVM to share *one* of each (but, at least I don't have to
keep 8 monitors on my desk!  :>)

> Dr.Bott 4 port ADB, and 1 12 port Black Box ADB model). What would be nice
> is a KVM for my 2000 and 3000 Amigas. I purchased the Belkin SOHO new for
> $140 or so, the others were from ebay at $50 or less. They cover my
> collection of mac and x86 PC's (except for my Tandy 1000 HX that has its own
> monitor anyway) while I still have to use monitors for my Commodores, IIgs,
> and 1040st. I don't realy mind having monitors for the computer in a
> keyboard system but for Macs and PCs I prefer a KVM.

It *should* be simple to get a box to do all of the above.
It's disappointing and annoying that it *isn't*!  :-(

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