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>>>> It *should* be simple to get a box to do all of the above.
>>>> It's disappointing and annoying that it *isn't*!  :-(
>>> I was surprised it took Belkin so long to get a KVM for home use that
>>> switched audio (perfect for retro gamers with multiple generations of
>>> machines).
>>> My Black Box 12 port ADB KVM must have been made for a server room 
>>> since it
>>> has  jumpers for each video output so machines can boot and sense a
>>> "monitor" even when you are using another port on the KVM.
>> The Omniview does this.  When you power it up, it will automatically
>> select the first source it finds.
>> What I miss is the footpedal that my other KVM has (since I put
>> the KVM "out of the way")
> Since I only have simple needs for KVMs, and since I was given a really 
> nice one free (Black Box 8-port ServSwitch) and since it does switching 
> from the keyboard (bounce and release the CTRL key, then press a number) 
> I'm not sure why a footswitch is needed. Well, let's say that I've never 
> needed one. Why did you? Just curious.

I believe each of my KVM's have a "feature" like that.  I only
tried it on the one I *know* claims to have that feature.

And it locked up!

Also, does your "tap CTRL" feature get confused if you use
CTRL as a modifier for a mouse action and "coincidentally"
happen to type a numeric key thereafter?  (or, does your
switch monitor the mouse simultaneously and INSIST that
the mouse "does nothing" while you tap CTRL?).

I suspect it might also be a problem or gamers (??)

The long version of the short answer is:  I prefer
out-of-band signaling  :>

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