SMT PDP-8 (was Re: group buy for homebrew CPUs?)

vrs vrs at
Mon Aug 14 01:49:39 CDT 2006

From: "woodelf" <bfranchuk at>
> I think if you are building a replica is to design your own Flip/Chips
> and build a clean design from scratch. A PDP-8/S does not look that
> impressive, I know I seen one in the flesh once,as compared to a
> PDP-8/e. If you go with 20 I/O pins, (and sneaky pcb pinout )a simple
> GAL (SMT) could make up a generic card and be re-programmed for
> what ever logic you want.

Well, that would be a cool project, but I'd say you were designing a 
new PDP-8, and would be troubled by calling it a replica.

I guess if the big-board version (that shares only the schematic) can 
be a called "replica", then so can one that shares the aesthetics but 
not the schematic.  To my mind, a replica should really have both (as 
much as is feasible).


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