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Mon Aug 14 16:07:57 CDT 2006

--- John Boffemmyer IV <newyork.techie at>

> I have an old (over 11yrs old) Hitachi 21"
> CRT model CM2111MU (sub model 512), also known as a
> SuperScan Mc21HR RasterOps,
> that seems to have a little overlap/failure to
> line-up on the colors (also
> known as a convergence issue as I've been told). I
> can't seem to find anyone
> in the area who still works on these damned things.
> Anyone have any pointers
> to fixing convergence issues or know of anyone in
> the Hudson Valley area
> (NY) that could fix this big bastard? Any assistance
> would be greatly
> appeciated.

 Dude, as far as I know there are controls (trimpots?)
for making convergence adjustments inside the monitor.
IIRC some had them externally. I'm sure I've done it
in  the past, but the method will be particular to
each monitor usually. A tech manual would prove to be
the most helpful. I'm sure there are forums specific
to monitor tweaking and repair also.
> PS: I'm currently also working on acquiring a
> semi-working old MAC Classic
> II (I believe), are there any resource sites that
> have technical sheets,
> etc. to fixing it?

 A good starting point is Loads of
links and stuph. 
> John Boffemmyer IV

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