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Bruce Lane wrote:
> Hi, Don,
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> On 12-Aug-06 at 15:48 Don wrote:
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>>It doesn't take long to realize that this is a non-solution:
>>- keyboards are PS2, Sun, USB, ADB, etc.
>>- mice are PS2, Serial, Sun, USB, ADB, etc.

I thought the whole idea behind USB was a "Universal" serial bus.

>>- video is Sun's 13W3, HD15, DEC's RGB, apple's DB15, etc.

Sun/PC/AppleDB15 are all just VGA with different packaging. I read the 
manual for my Apple 15" Monitor, and it has a pinout in the back 
describing that it was basically VGA on a different connectior.

The real problem with C++ for kernel modules is: the language just sucks.
	-- Linus Torvalds

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