Scanning formats

David Hunt dm.hunt at
Tue Aug 15 09:40:18 CDT 2006

> Hi,
> I usually don't bother compressing TIF's of scanned images -- 
> since I'm not too concerned with saving space for small documents.
> But, recently, I started scanning B-size drawings (e.g., 
> print sets for projects I've worked on).
> Usually, I have to scan these at higher resolutions (because 
> I often print B size versions of D size drawings  :<  ).
> The larger sheet size and higher scan resolutions are 
> starting to make single sheets quite *large*!
> Suggestions?  I had thought of FAX encoding (naive but it 
> should work well on line drawings/schematics)...
> Thanks!
> --don

I use PNG format at 300dpi, a colour A4 (8.26" x 11.7") page weighs in at
around 17MB and a monochrome page at 5MB. I haven't needed to scan only
black and white, most diagrams tend to be naturally aliased so monochrome
scanning produces nicer results than line-art. Using PNG, I haven't noticed
any compression artifacts.

e.g. monochrome page <>
colour page <>

Dave ;)

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