Archived a few PERQ games...

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Wed Aug 16 01:59:09 CDT 2006

I've spent a few hours this evening transferring software from my PERQ 
over the serial port at 9600 baud, and I thought I'd share them, since 
there don't seem to be many games archived on the 'net (feel free to 
correct me if I'm wrong on that count :). 

Thus far I've archived binaries & source for:
 - PERQMan (seems to be an early version, looks like a 100% clone of 
Pac-Man, vs. the changed sprites & "Perq Interactive Debugger" name I've 
seen in screenshots)
 - Chess
 - Puzzle

These are available at:

These all compile and run under POS (I have D.6 running on my machine).  
If I'm wasting my time (i.e. if these bits have already been archived 
somewhere, let me know so I don't spend more time painfully extracting 
these files one at a time over a serial link...)

There are a handful of other games and utilities (a vt52 emulator, a 
Pente game, etc..) that I'll be getting to sometime later this week.

Additionally, I'm working on archiving a raw image of the 14" Shugart in 
my PERQ (again, over the serial port).  I've written a simple pascal 
program to do the dumping and I'm doing it 10 cylinders at a time since 
it takes so long :).  My goal eventually is to write a PERQ emulator, 
but we'll see how that turns out...


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