The TIFF versus JPG debate

Don THX1138 at
Wed Aug 16 13:46:34 CDT 2006

Barry Watzman wrote:
>> Re: I thought PDF's could just be used to *encapsulate* regular TIFF's?
>> I.e., in much the same way that they can encapsulate JPEGs, etc.
> It can; in fact, when you create a PDF from a scanner, encapsulation is all
> that Acrobat is doing, it's the scanner software that determines the format,
> which can be tiff, jpeg or some other formats that the scanner software
> supports.  But by default, it is almost always JPEG.

Hmmm... I don't know how to "create a PDF from a scanner".  <:-)
I typically scan documents to TIFF files.  Then, open Acrobat
(not Acrobat Reader) and paste the document in along with any
added text, etc.

So, it was my understanding that Acrobat did NOT further process
the TIFF -- nor a JPEG, etc.  Rather, just "held it in place
on the page"


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