Catastrophe strikes Blue Feather's 'net presence

Tim Riker Tim at
Wed Aug 16 16:18:16 CDT 2006

Zane H. Healy wrote:
>>	If anyone knows of a good, solid VPN router, in the $400-$500 (max)
>>	range, with at least the following features I would appreciate
>>	hearing about it. I'm currently looking at Zyxel (the Zywall 5) and
>>	Multitech (RouteFinder 830).
>>	--Must support 1:1 NAT mapping.
>>	--Must support at least IPSec VPN with 3DES or AES encryption, and
>>	--the VPN client must be low-cost or included.
>>	--Preferably, should also support PPTP for when IPSec is blocked at
>>	--the originating end (I've seen it happen).
>>	--Must be RACK-MOUNTED, as in it has rack ears or brackets. This is
>>	--NOT negotiable.
>>	--The manufacturer must NOT, unlike Watchguard and Juniper Networks,
>>	--nickle-and-dime its users to death for extra features.
> Have you looked into using OpenBSD?  I'm not 100% sure on the VPN portions,
> but I believe it supports everything you're looking for.  
> 		Zane

I was about to say the same. A Linux or *BSD box would do all this. 
Nowhere in your list to you say push button installation etc. Certianly 
a cheap rack mount server running a free OS would be the most flexible 
and easiest to replace/upgrade later too.

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